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Bring me the Money!!

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Day 10s Challenge questions is putting the heat on. A business plan??? Income Avenues??? This head of mine struggles to grapple with such foreign ideas (foreign to me that is – probably not to you). Teaching gave me a nice pay check in the bank on a regular basis and at the same time it gave me a massive headache and early onset burnout and 1/4 life crisis. Crafting, arhhhh (soothing deep breaths) gives me the head space to be happy but so far only pocket money. I am still stuck driving round the round-a-bout, undecided what road to take. I have all these skills and knowledge from teaching but am NO WAY interested in teaching, well, not teaching teenagers in a school scenario anyway. Teaching adults the fun of crafting is great but time intensive and not so much income generated. How can I translate my skills to an online scenario?????

Today’s questions: What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business? I’m pulling my hair out, arghhhhh, Um, I so don’t know. I would love to be an online contributor to magazines such as @Frankie and blogs that promote beautiful handmade creations and design but I feel under qualified, total lack of any authority and question why people would trust my opinion.

Hmmm, I can see that I am either going to sit here all day and get into a state of unease, followed by chocolate cake and red wine before lunch, or I think I will go and make some thing, get the power tools out and clear my head, hope for clarity and be open the the possibilities that are out there!

Thats the plan for now. No business plan, quite yet but I will keep you posted! Promise!!!


Am I a Late Bloomer?

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Technically speaking, I think I may just be a late bloomer. Traditionally I have always behind the times when if comes to technology. While mobile phones were easily available when I was 18, I refused to get one until I was 22 because I didn’t like the idea that people could contact me when ever they wanted, yuck – that sounded like harassment to me. I am all about contacting you when I want, but definitely not the other way around. To the annoyance of my friends, I refused this fun techno world and even when I got my first mobile phone I literally needed coaching on how to send a txt and often had it turned off anyway. I’m still a bit like that even today. I rarely even buy off the net even though I live in a small village and the internet provides me with much more variety and even delivers to my door – sounds like a dream!

I love to make things, that’s what brings me joy in this crazy fast paced, whizzing by world. The internet has never seemed tangible enough for me to consider creating something in. That big scary space was unfathomable. You can’t hold it, bend it, fold it, paint it, well, that’s what I used to believe. I am quickly learning that you can do all of these things in this intangible world. My skill set just needs to catch up, pronto!

I’m not much of a talker either. Networking for me is a bit of a dirty word. I used to dream of being this crazy reclusive artist, who when I had a show, would send my alter ego along. She was my best friend, a drama student and would be the perfect artist (infact she is a great artist herself) but the thought of having to talk to all those people about what I’ve made, scared and continues to scare me. Do I really have anything interesting to say? Are people really interested? After a decade of teaching secondary school students, I have learned how to communicate to small-ish groups and would even stretch to say that I can even communicate ideas successfully. But this blogging world, online business, selling via the web etc – is a whole new game and I’m never quite sure what the rules are cause they seem to change so freakin fast.

When asked, on day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge by Natalie Sisson, whose online business I admire and why, I get a bit stuck. Newness to this online business world doesn’t fill me with wonder and awe, but rather skepticism (character flaw) and trepidation. How do I know who to trust? A lot of people sound good online but how do I now whether they are trustworthy and good at what they do or are they just good at marketing and speaking the right lingo?

The first person I let into my new online world was Mari Carles I like her honesty, whackiness and how she often says out loud what I am thinking or feeling. creative community and Clare Yuille of have both and continue to provide me with support and a community of like minded people. For me, these sites are of like minded people, who offer straight up, honest advice and support. They don’t pretend to be anything they are not and I am not intimidated or overwhelmed by their coolness but rather invited to be a part of it. Of course Natalie Sisson of is a favourite, for the above reasons and her lifestyle inspiration too.

Weekend time = market time

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What do you do with your weekends? I often sell my paper flowers at markets on the weekends and when not holding down my own stall, I love to visit others. This weekends, I have been turned onto the power of Hemp Seed Oil and am looking forward to the benefits that this will bring to my life, thanks to

When I worked the 9-5, 5 days a week, the weekend seemed like a human right to have off and to do with what ever I pleased. Now that my days are not so regimented, I often feel guilty for trying to keep my weekends work free, even though markets are definitely hard work and always fall on weekends. Where has my free weekend time all gone?

Day 7: Tools and Resources – All you need to create your perfect lifestyle. Thanks Natalie for sharing what helps you. I realise it doesn’t necessarily matter what tools one uses, but that rather – that one uses them. My journey to find greater mental health and happiness in my life has shown me that routine is an important factor for me. While some flexibility is permitted and grace given to myself if I don’t religiously follow my own routine, I find my anxiety levels soar, mood drops and the mess in my head becomes unbearable – generally so does the mess in my house. I used to equate routine = boring but now I realise that routine offers me the freedom and space that I need in the rest of my day and in my head.

Part of doing this 30 day challenge, (with weekends, breaks included), was as a vehicle to build more routine and structure into my everyday. They say it takes 21 days to build a new routine and I look forward to blogging and journal-ing as a part of my new daily habits. Welcome Penzu into my life.


Day 6 How To Live A Life On Your Own Terms?

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What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

1. Establish some routines for my days and also for my business.

2. Complete this challenge.

3. Finish Assignment 3 of my Interior Design course and prioritise my dream of becoming an interior designer, not focus on making tiddly money.

I bet you life will try its hardest to get in the way. The challenge is for me not to let my own life get in the way of the life is want to live.

What does your perfect day look like?

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Ohope Beach, New Zealand

Ohope Beach, New Zealand

Want to know something? My day started pretty perfectly, great sleep, blue sky walk on the beach with Butler (who rolled in something yuckie yuckie and since has had a bath) followed by fresh coffee and porridge, the breakfast of champions. And then, well, you know what happens, technology had its own mind, I accidentally cut the table cloth (don’t ask – not my proudest moment) and the weather has clouded over. But hey, lets get back to this Perfect Day.

Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson has me dreaming. Dreaming of a day when I notice myself smiling, shoulders low and head clear. To my surprise, I realise that I do have these moments in my days quite often. Can you see me smiling at this realisation?

My perfect day goes something like this…

I wake up feeling refreshed and have a little cuddle with Butler and my lover/friend, walking shoes at the ready, Butler and I head to the beach and walk, feeling the wind, the sand, the sun, my shoulders are low and I feel calm and strong, ready to face the day ahead. We meet others on the beach and both Butler and I get to connect with others and feel like we belong and know people.

We head back and have breakfast, a yummy hearty bowl of porridge with fresh fruit and strongly brewed coffee. Starting at the ocean and sitting in the sun, with no distractions while I plan out in my head what to do with my day.

I head down to my studio and turn music on and fire up the laptop. I answer emails requesting to work with me or to buy work by me. I feel empowered and that I am on the right course for my life through people wanting what I do. Then I get crafting, creating and making for a few hours and get lost doing what I love. My tummy rumbling reminds me to eat so Butler and I head back into the kitchen and I have fresh salmon and salad for lunch with green tea. Yum!

After lunch, Butler and I head out to hunt for treasures that I will cherish or craft into something new and fun. We then meet up with friend by the harbour and get a fresh smoothie and take Butler for a walk along the harbour front or to the beach. I pick up any supplies needed for dinner and head home.

When I get back home, my partner is there and has surprised me by making dinner already. I am not annoyed but love that he wants to look after me and knows that I don’t function without something in my belly. We sit on the deck and enjoy the view while sharing a wine and dinner, friends pop over and we finish off a few more drinks and nibbles for desert, fresh strawberry sunday.

We settle to watch a favourite programme or film on tv with Butler snuggled between us. We then head off to bed, taking a few minutes to put up my post it notes for tomorrows day, read an inspirational book, make love and fall asleep. I feel cherished, home, happy and loved.

Yip – that sounds pretty perfect to me.

It gives me encouragement to realise that there are already aspects of my perfect day in my life. I can see how painting this picture helps to clarify what is important to me and what I can focus on drawing into my life, such as clients, customers, friends and a friend/lover/partner in this life.


Day 4:What it really takes to be location independent.

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I have been independent all of my life, a head and will all of my own. This has taken me to some amazing places in my life so far and I have been truly blessed. There have been times that my backpack carried all that I needed and others when I felt the urge to own and occupy a dwelling and to call it my own home. I loved having my own space and being able to put my own personality into a reality that others could experience also. Then the earthquakes hit and reminded me that nothing is ever stable or permanent. I have temporarily moved into my parent lovely retirement holiday house right on the beach front in Ohope, NZ and while this is a great space for my recovery and discovery of my new life and adventures, it is not my dream home and I often feel dislocated from it. Predominantly because it does not represent my dreams and values. As I work harder to rediscover who I am and what my dreams in life are, location become less i portent yet more critical. Where I feel most at home in this crazy mixed up world is where I have the space and freedom to create, be inspired, share and connect. This is not always site specific but more critically in my head first and then created I to a more physical representation.

Day 3 – When should you start your online business?

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What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

I could waffle on about what freedom means to me but I personally believe that freedom comes with responsibilities. Now, this might go against the ethos of the word, but for me, freedom, while an integral human right, can never be at the expense of others. Freedom of speech, freedom to vote, freedom to choose your own religion, freedom to bear arms, ALL come with responsibility! It is not acceptable to persecute others because they do not follow your chosen religion, nor is it acceptable to use your weapons to intimidate or harm others – so, you can see,  these freedoms have their own responsibilities.

Political rant over. When I consider what freedom in business means to me, there are also inherent responsibilities. I’m not necessarily thinking about the obvious legal obligations, but more than that, I am considering the obligations I feel to do the best that I can, that if my business is a representation of myself then I need to ensure that it is as honest and genuine as possible. But this is where I get stuck. These responsibilities, real, or as I fear imagined, overwhelm and paralyse me. Of course, I want to be genuine and do the best I possibly can. BUT, being at the beginning of this journey into business and creativity, I often feel that my best is nowhere near good enough. I was a good teacher. After a decade of teaching I could walk into a classroom and felt that I knew what I was doing but now, in this current state of flux, I have no idea what I am doing. How can I do my best if I don’t exactly know what it is that I am doing?

Mental health rant over. The question asks what my definition of freedom in business is. The first idea (after my mental health rant obviously) is that freedom is business is the ability to make money doing what I love. At the moment, I love making paper flowers, re-decorating and designing my abode and pieces of furniture and D.I.Y (I LOVE D.I.Y and power tools!). I am good at making the flowers, have made a few thousand so far so this has honed my skills and I am completing an online course on interior design to grow my knowledge and experience. The business stuff though, the numbers, selling, techie, social networking, (networking of any kind) actually all terrify me. Therefore, my dreamed of freedom in business is currently burdened with all of this stuff that I have little to no experience in.

Do not we all dream of having a business that generates the $$ to fund our adventures? Most of my adult life, I had steady income which I used to travel the world and do what ever it was that I fancied at the time. Presently, I have been without steady income for the past 2 years, a large chunk of that time was on the sickness benefit due to depression that debilitated my ability to teach and, in my minds eye, to earn a living. Depression took away my dreams and replaced them with fears. I am starting to dream again, small dreams, small adventures. The adventure at the moment is staying off anti-depressants and living a simple healthy and happy life. My dog, Butler, seen below, is a big part of this adventure.


The other adventure I dream of is living a life that excites me, brings me joy and connects me with people and places I love. Adventure always meant far off lands but, while I know I will again travel, I am having a hell of an adventure living at home in NZ. Now does not feel like the right time to start an online business but this adventure in itself is proving positive and inspiring.


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