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They say it takes 21 days to create a new habbit

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BUT, I am starting out on a 30 day blog-athon called the 30 Day Challenge run by Natalie Sisson The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

My first challenge is to share why I have decided to enter the bloggersphere and what I hope to achieve through being a part of the challenge. So, here goes…

I became another statistic, one of many who reached Burn Out in the teaching profession. So, after a decade of cajouling students into learning, I myself have gone back into the world of learning new skills myself. I was living and working in Christchurch, NZ, when the 2010 earthquakes hit and have suffered post traumatic stress syndrome since. 3 years on, my mental health is still precarious, my income sporadic and many of my hopes and dreams seem to be on the back burner while I piece together a life that I am happy to live. 

Through all of the turmoil, both on land and in my head, I have come to realise that there are many who do not have a steady income, do not work for others, are happy to be doing what they do and are excited about how they fund their lives. My mind struggles to comprehend these facts but they give me hope.

Crafting has become a source of therapy and pocket money for me. It has opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed. This fancy word, Entrepreneur, something I never associated with myself, is slowly becoming an adjective for me. I have always been creative, top art student at school but didn’t persue a creative career. One of the reasons being that I was unsure how creatives made a living, especially in little old NZ. I never dreamed of riches but poor wasn’t a live ambition either. While still teaching the odd lesson, I now spend most of my days, making paper flowers and perusing a dream to live a creative and happy life, either funded through my paper florist business Fijoafox Paper Florist or, in the future, interior design.

For me the world of blogging has been a source of inspiration, hope and dream building. I hope to share my journey to create a more beautiful and creative life for myself, blogging being a part of this. Paper flowers and all things crafty, including my passion for DIY and power tools, will of course feature along with some mental moments. I look forward to meeting more creatives, crafters, entrepreneur and building a community of like minded peeps.

For me, this challenge provides me with a vehicle to create new habits and grow my voice in a supported environment. I am scared, nervous and excited and hope to see this through to the very end. 30 days, sounds like a lot of blogging to me, eeeeek!!!


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