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Day Two: Mindset – Have you got what it takes to be an Suitcase Entrepreneur?

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Whoa – big questions to tackle today. Yikes!

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

My mind is running mad with ideas about what I don’t want me life to be; not depressed, not living in my parents beach house (even though its awesome and I could not afford it), not single, not poor, not bored etc etc etc – I could spew forth numerous ‘not…’s’ but I have a funny feeling that these answers are not what the question is actually asking. Furthermore, stating that I want to be Rachel Green who actually married Joey Tribbiani is not the right path either.

So, if I were literally to wake up tomorrow, I would want to get out of bed with no snooze, walk Butler (my Jack Russell X) and after a scrummy breakfast, I would be into my studio to work on a commission for a client for a few hours, off to lunch with a friend or colleague  and then spending the afternoon creating, maybe even collaboratively. I would be planning my next travels which would include a holiday but also work and meeting up with other creatives or people who I find inspirational, this travel might include work such as speaking or teaching, sharing my skills and knowledge with others and encouraging them to be more creative and happy in their lives. Generally my days would not be hectic but planned and allow enough time to enjoy and find inspiration from my surroundings.

I would be designing interiors for people that reflect their personality and provide them with the physical spaces that they happily call home. I would design products to fill these spaces and that others can assemble/make themselves or add their own touch to and I would most definitely be making/crafting/creating.

I would be inspired, awake, noticing myself smile, calm and confident, excited about my future, enjoying the company of others and providing support to others, in love, nice to be around and happy.

Wowza! Not the most precise description but its honest and it terrifies me.



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