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Day 4:What it really takes to be location independent.

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I have been independent all of my life, a head and will all of my own. This has taken me to some amazing places in my life so far and I have been truly blessed. There have been times that my backpack carried all that I needed and others when I felt the urge to own and occupy a dwelling and to call it my own home. I loved having my own space and being able to put my own personality into a reality that others could experience also. Then the earthquakes hit and reminded me that nothing is ever stable or permanent. I have temporarily moved into my parent lovely retirement holiday house right on the beach front in Ohope, NZ and while this is a great space for my recovery and discovery of my new life and adventures, it is not my dream home and I often feel dislocated from it. Predominantly because it does not represent my dreams and values. As I work harder to rediscover who I am and what my dreams in life are, location become less i portent yet more critical. Where I feel most at home in this crazy mixed up world is where I have the space and freedom to create, be inspired, share and connect. This is not always site specific but more critically in my head first and then created I to a more physical representation.


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