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What does your perfect day look like?

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Ohope Beach, New Zealand

Ohope Beach, New Zealand

Want to know something? My day started pretty perfectly, great sleep, blue sky walk on the beach with Butler (who rolled in something yuckie yuckie and since has had a bath) followed by fresh coffee and porridge, the breakfast of champions. And then, well, you know what happens, technology had its own mind, I accidentally cut the table cloth (don’t ask – not my proudest moment) and the weather has clouded over. But hey, lets get back to this Perfect Day.

Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson has me dreaming. Dreaming of a day when I notice myself smiling, shoulders low and head clear. To my surprise, I realise that I do have these moments in my days quite often. Can you see me smiling at this realisation?

My perfect day goes something like this…

I wake up feeling refreshed and have a little cuddle with Butler and my lover/friend, walking shoes at the ready, Butler and I head to the beach and walk, feeling the wind, the sand, the sun, my shoulders are low and I feel calm and strong, ready to face the day ahead. We meet others on the beach and both Butler and I get to connect with others and feel like we belong and know people.

We head back and have breakfast, a yummy hearty bowl of porridge with fresh fruit and strongly brewed coffee. Starting at the ocean and sitting in the sun, with no distractions while I plan out in my head what to do with my day.

I head down to my studio and turn music on and fire up the laptop. I answer emails requesting to work with me or to buy work by me. I feel empowered and that I am on the right course for my life through people wanting what I do. Then I get crafting, creating and making for a few hours and get lost doing what I love. My tummy rumbling reminds me to eat so Butler and I head back into the kitchen and I have fresh salmon and salad for lunch with green tea. Yum!

After lunch, Butler and I head out to hunt for treasures that I will cherish or craft into something new and fun. We then meet up with friend by the harbour and get a fresh smoothie and take Butler for a walk along the harbour front or to the beach. I pick up any supplies needed for dinner and head home.

When I get back home, my partner is there and has surprised me by making dinner already. I am not annoyed but love that he wants to look after me and knows that I don’t function without something in my belly. We sit on the deck and enjoy the view while sharing a wine and dinner, friends pop over and we finish off a few more drinks and nibbles for desert, fresh strawberry sunday.

We settle to watch a favourite programme or film on tv with Butler snuggled between us. We then head off to bed, taking a few minutes to put up my post it notes for tomorrows day, read an inspirational book, make love and fall asleep. I feel cherished, home, happy and loved.

Yip – that sounds pretty perfect to me.

It gives me encouragement to realise that there are already aspects of my perfect day in my life. I can see how painting this picture helps to clarify what is important to me and what I can focus on drawing into my life, such as clients, customers, friends and a friend/lover/partner in this life.



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