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Weekend time = market time

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What do you do with your weekends? I often sell my paper flowers at markets on the weekends and when not holding down my own stall, I love to visit others. This weekends, I have been turned onto the power of Hemp Seed Oil and am looking forward to the benefits that this will bring to my life, thanks to

When I worked the 9-5, 5 days a week, the weekend seemed like a human right to have off and to do with what ever I pleased. Now that my days are not so regimented, I often feel guilty for trying to keep my weekends work free, even though markets are definitely hard work and always fall on weekends. Where has my free weekend time all gone?

Day 7: Tools and Resources – All you need to create your perfect lifestyle. Thanks Natalie for sharing what helps you. I realise it doesn’t necessarily matter what tools one uses, but that rather – that one uses them. My journey to find greater mental health and happiness in my life has shown me that routine is an important factor for me. While some flexibility is permitted and grace given to myself if I don’t religiously follow my own routine, I find my anxiety levels soar, mood drops and the mess in my head becomes unbearable – generally so does the mess in my house. I used to equate routine = boring but now I realise that routine offers me the freedom and space that I need in the rest of my day and in my head.

Part of doing this 30 day challenge, (with weekends, breaks included), was as a vehicle to build more routine and structure into my everyday. They say it takes 21 days to build a new routine and I look forward to blogging and journal-ing as a part of my new daily habits. Welcome Penzu into my life.



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