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Am I a Late Bloomer?

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Technically speaking, I think I may just be a late bloomer. Traditionally I have always behind the times when if comes to technology. While mobile phones were easily available when I was 18, I refused to get one until I was 22 because I didn’t like the idea that people could contact me when ever they wanted, yuck – that sounded like harassment to me. I am all about contacting you when I want, but definitely not the other way around. To the annoyance of my friends, I refused this fun techno world and even when I got my first mobile phone I literally needed coaching on how to send a txt and often had it turned off anyway. I’m still a bit like that even today. I rarely even buy off the net even though I live in a small village and the internet provides me with much more variety and even delivers to my door – sounds like a dream!

I love to make things, that’s what brings me joy in this crazy fast paced, whizzing by world. The internet has never seemed tangible enough for me to consider creating something in. That big scary space was unfathomable. You can’t hold it, bend it, fold it, paint it, well, that’s what I used to believe. I am quickly learning that you can do all of these things in this intangible world. My skill set just needs to catch up, pronto!

I’m not much of a talker either. Networking for me is a bit of a dirty word. I used to dream of being this crazy reclusive artist, who when I had a show, would send my alter ego along. She was my best friend, a drama student and would be the perfect artist (infact she is a great artist herself) but the thought of having to talk to all those people about what I’ve made, scared and continues to scare me. Do I really have anything interesting to say? Are people really interested? After a decade of teaching secondary school students, I have learned how to communicate to small-ish groups and would even stretch to say that I can even communicate ideas successfully. But this blogging world, online business, selling via the web etc – is a whole new game and I’m never quite sure what the rules are cause they seem to change so freakin fast.

When asked, on day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge by Natalie Sisson, whose online business I admire and why, I get a bit stuck. Newness to this online business world doesn’t fill me with wonder and awe, but rather skepticism (character flaw) and trepidation. How do I know who to trust? A lot of people sound good online but how do I now whether they are trustworthy and good at what they do or are they just good at marketing and speaking the right lingo?

The first person I let into my new online world was Mari Carles I like her honesty, whackiness and how she often says out loud what I am thinking or feeling. creative community and Clare Yuille of have both and continue to provide me with support and a community of like minded people. For me, these sites are of like minded people, who offer straight up, honest advice and support. They don’t pretend to be anything they are not and I am not intimidated or overwhelmed by their coolness but rather invited to be a part of it. Of course Natalie Sisson of is a favourite, for the above reasons and her lifestyle inspiration too.


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